My name is Alex and I created RISE Fitness with the mission of helping as many people as possible feel more confident.

I think confidence is so important, whether that is confidence that they can lift that weight, confidence that they can walk onto the beach and be proud of how they look or confidence to walk into work and know that you can do the best job possible.

A little bit about my own journey; I started training in 2010 and for the first 6 years my goals were to build muscle and look good. In 2017 I decided it was time for a change, I had 'fallen off the wagon' and needed to set some new goals. I started training at a local Crossfit Gym and my goals became oriented towards performance and becoming the best coach I can.

I became a Personal Trainer in late 2016 and have not looked back. In the time since, I have trained a huge variety of individuals. The most common goal is to feel confident and comfortable. I help people achieve this by improving their quality of life and building them a strong, lean, athletic body.