RISe-fit online program

The RISE-Fit Online Program is a brand new service launching 01/04/2019.

The Program will have 5 days of programming a week that will work off a template of:

Mon- Train

Tues- Train

Weds- Train

Thurs- Rest

Friday- Train

Saturday- Train

Sunday- Rest

This is a general programmed to get you strong, lean and fit AF! There are 3 different variations of the program and they are facility dependant:

1- The primary design is based for those using a Crossfit or Functional Fitness facility.

2- The second design is for those using a globo-style gym e.g PureGym/Exercise4Less etc.

3- The final design is for those who want to train from home. It will be using minimal equipment that can be substituted for items around the house.

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