Online personalised programmes

Online Personalised Programmes do what they say on the tin. They are gym programmes you can follow from your mobile that are PERSONALISED to you!

Clients have had great fun using my online programs. They use an application called 'TrueCoach'. Through this app you can record the results of your sessions and even share videos for me to review.

The app has videos for each exercise so you don't have to know what a 'Dumbbell Reverse Foot Elevate Bulgarian Split Squat' is. 

So what makes it Personal...? Well you get a few extras. First of all a monthly catch up with me via Skype or FaceTime to review how you have been getting on. Secondly, I will prescribe the weights that are suitable for yourself so you do not need to work out what 83% of your 1 rep max is.

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