In 2020 the world was rocked by the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

I had to sit back and watch as my clients progress fell by the way side.

I swore going into 2021 that not only would any of my clients suffer another setback, but that they would thrive this year.

So I created RISE:TOTAL.

RISE:TOTAL is an online service that covers everything. Literally everything.

RISE:TOTAL consists of the following:


3 live bodyweight sweat classes every week. The aim of these classes is to use big muscle groups, ramp up that heart rate and burn some calories!


3 live stretch classes every week. Wether you are working from home or the office, checking off some stretching every week is something we can all benefit from, Each class finishes with a unique meditation.


A weekly cook-a-long with an emphasis on preparing delicious, easy to cook meals.


A weekly seminar focusing on anything from habit stacking, to more specific focuses. This is the game changer. This is where we work on making tangible change in every aspect of your life.


A weekly 'virtual' walking club. I plot a route local to Stourbridge and send the details to you to get out into the fresh air.


A weekly 'virtual' running club. This has a different focus each month, but with an emphasis again, on improving your conditioning.

RISE to the occasion

A monthly game show come quiz where everyone gets together to have a bit of a social. Prizes to be won each month!

This programme was designed to cover all bases. To make sure that you are working on your fitness, your fuel, your recovery, your mental health, your connection with others.

Commit to this program, and the results will be enormous!